APV-RESOLA Agrophotovoltaics resource-efficient land use


— Resource-Efficient Land Use (APV-RESOLA)

Cost-efficiency of ground-mounted Photovoltaic-Systems (PV-GM) is steadily increasing. Experts predict PV-GM to become profitable and independent of financial support from the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) in five to eight years. This increase of competitive edge leads to new business models for the utilization of the cultural landscape. As a result, the pressure on rural areas is increasing with the growing demand for land. The limited availability of arable soils and an increasing demand for space will lead to new dimensions in land use competition and economic, ecologic and social conflict constellations. The Innovation Group APV-RESOLA is developing and exploring a new form of photovoltaics technology with which the agricultural land can continue to be used for growing crops as well as for generating electricity. In 1981, Adolf Goetzberger, founder of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, and Armin Zastrow were the first to propose the concept of a resource efficient dual use of arable land called Agrophotovoltaics (APV). They were addressing the ongoing discussion on the food-energy-nexus and proposed a special system-technology that optimizes the output of PV and photosynthesis. The Innovation Group APV-RESOLA is now developing and extending this technology by political, ecological and social dimensions.

On the Coexistence of Solar-Energy Conversion and Plant Cultivation
A. Goetzberger, A. Zastrow (1981)
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Video of APV-plant

Video of APV-plant construction

Time-Line of APV-RESOLA


One year of Agrophotovoltaics in operation

Time for a positive interim balance: Results of the first year of operation of the pilot project, summarized as a blog post by ISE.

First Harvest below APV-Plant

The farmers at Heggelbach community harvest crops grown below PV panels for the first time.

Mähdrescher sehr klein

First PV-Data online

Technical details of the APV pilot plant and monitoring data of electrical yields are online now!


2nd meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board

in Freiburg

First short movie online

The first out of two planned short movies is out! It documents the installation of the research plant and explains the technical background. Many thanks to AMA Film for the great contribution!


Ceremonial opening of research plant in Heggelbach.

Completion of APV research plant
Begin of contruction phase of APV research plant
Launch of APV Homepage

www.agrophotovoltaik.de goes online


1st meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board

in Freiburg

Citizens Workshop

in the community of Herdwangen-Schönach

Citizens information event

in the community of Herdwangen-Schönach

First consultation for land use plan

in the local council of Herdwangen-Schönach

2nd Kick-Off Meeting

of the Innovation Group APV-RESOLA in Bonn

1st Kick-Off Meeting

of the Innovation Group APV-RESOLA in Freiburg